5 weeks to go

The last 3 months or so have been a an intriguing combination of becoming evermore detached from the race followed by the rapid realisation that Leg 7 is now nearly here. 

I’ve almost been in denial that it’s happening, but today, Visit Seattle arrive in Qingdao, China. The next arrival for them will be in Seattle in 5 weeks time. 5 WEEKS! How have the timescales become so short?! I probably won’t be there to welcome them in (unless they do really, really badly. I hope they won’t), but apparently, I will be getting on the boat and sailing home with them.

It’s becoming so real now that whilst writing this, I’ve actually quite become quite nervous. I’m not sure why. Yes, there’s still a lot to do to get ready (warm weather gear being the great unknown. I’ve never been in the super-warm before) and lots of people to see before I go. But nervous? I think it’s the concept of seeing everyone on the boat again: it’ll have been 7 months after all. 
So, Visit Seattle should be arriving into Qingdao in the next 30mins. You should be able to see it live here: https://www.periscope.tv/ClipperRace

In a couple of months, that will be me!

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