About Mia

Hello, I’m Mia.

I’m a nearly 30-something rower, girlfriend, daughter, marketer (and I suppose now sailor) that is trying to get a bit more adventure into her life. After all, life is short. Might as well pack it in whilst you can.

This blog was originally started to document my adventures during the 15-16 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race: an incredible experience that has by far been the biggest challenge of my life.


I was a complete sailing novice that raced Legs 7 & 8 of the race from April-August 2016 as part of the first Visit Seattle Clipper team. In the end, it was over 12,000 nautical miles from Seattle to London via the Panama Canal & New York, taking in the world’s two largest oceans and crossing the North Atlantic. You can find out a little more about why I did it here.

Clipper Race over, I hope that this blog can be a valuable resource for all future Clipper crew that get to sail the world (you lucky, lucky things!).

In the meantime, this blog is now a document of all of the new adventures that taking part in the Clipper Race has inspired me to do, however big or small.


2 thoughts on “About Mia”

  1. Hi Mia, I have just clicked through on to your blog, somehow(!) from the Clipper www. My brother has just got on to Team Nikki on Visit Seattle for leg 1. As I don’t live so far away I popped over to Gunwharf Quays where Visit Seattle is actually moored, so I’ve had a visit myself. Several things are now etched on my mind: it was more basic than I thought in the hold – so no chance of some nice upholstered seating and a table to eat your meals at?! Wot no shower (derrr……of course not)! I think the highlight so far though is from your blog I am trying to imagine making do with 1 pair of pants a week! Anyway all of this is helping this whole adventure come alive. It’s huge, and I salute the whole operation. Hope you don’t mind my writing, but it feels so easy to get swept up in this whole adventure (whilst remaining securely landlocked 😉 I hope you aren’t grieving too much for 15/16 now that 17/18 is becoming the talk of the town and I’m most definitely drawing my brother’s attention to your brilliant kit list. Best wishes, Emma-Jane (my brother is Will Stokely proud member of Visit Seattle 17/18 😉


    1. Thank you for you note Emma-Jane! I hope Will has a great time on New-Visit Seattle, hopefully my blog can help prepare you both for the incredible year you’ve got coming. Being Shore-Support is just as exciting in many ways as I’m sure you’re discovering.


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