Flashbacks to Level 4

This week, I’m swapping sailing for snow-shoeing. “Errrr, why is this relevant?” I hear you cry. It’s relevant because with alpine adventures imminent, this evening has mostly been spent searching for the Go-Pro which was last used during my Level 4 training and the London delivery back in August.

Turns out there are a couple of videos I’d completely forgotten about stashed away on the tiny camera, so here they are. Only 6 months late.

Rookie tacking (with me shouting at the helm. I love shouting at people in boats)



And a nice one of Emily, Karri & I previously undiscovered from London delivery. These two have sailed much further on Visit Seattle since this shot was taken!


With that done, it’s time for a pre-sailing adventure holiday.

Then only 7 weeks to go…

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