More Crew Blogs

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But what fun is that? (lots!).

I’m not alone doing this blog malarky; many of the Visit Seattle crew are recording their adventures during the Clipper race, ao here are some blogs from my lovely fellow crew members:

  • Leo’s blog – Sailing to Australia with the homecoming glory leg tacked on, Leo is sailing legs 1,2,3 & 7. And updates his blog. Alot.

Now for the really brave, the really crazy: drum roll please for blogs from crew sailing around the whole wide world!

  • Rosalind’s blog – crazy lady. Ros is sailing the world AND coordinating all of the Visit Seattle team at the same time.
  • Dana’s blog – ever so slightly less crazy lady. Dana is sailing it all except Leg 6.
  • Jesse’s blog (NB in Finnish!) – crazy man. Also going the whole way round.