Learning the ropes

…or knots should it be said. According to the Clipper handbook, I need to crack 8 knots before I step on a boat. And with just a week to go before my first week of training, I have cracked one. Just. One. Knot. This isn’t even the the most crucial knot (the bowline is what I must know apparently). All I can tie at the moment is a figure of eight and my shoelaces.

It’s not for want of trying. Each week, I’ve been having “knot tutorials” with a seasoned rower and ex-sailor at my club (thank you JK!). We’ve covered a couple of knots that I can master at the time, but can I remember them now? No. 

Cue kitchen struggles trying to attach a chair to a rope. The chair is still not attached to anything and my rope looks like this:  


Learning practical skills has never been my forte, but it appears I need to get A LOT quicker at picking them up. 

Fun week ahead now frantically learning the ropes ready to start training!

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