A tad nervous

I’ve been slightly nervous the last couple of days. Not because of anything major, but all because of one line sent on an email last week: “one place left”.

The email in question was one sent from Clipper HQ letting me know that there was just one place left on Leg 8 – the final leg of the race. I’d expressed an interest but did I still want it? And if I did, I needed to get my revised contract back quickly or it was onto the waiting list with me. Nothing was guaranteed.

The Clipper RTW race is split into 8 legs and around 16 races, allowing people to join at different stages.

I originally only signed up to Leg 7 of the Clipper race as I’d initially resigned myself to one leg for holiday allowance and financial reasons. There was also the thought of crossing the world’s second largest ocean – slightly scary. After attending the interview and crew briefing days, however, I quickly realised that I really wanted to do Leg 8 too. How would I be able to step off the boat after the penultimate leg and fly back to the UK when the boat I had been on was sailing back?

I like to think I’m saving on a return flight, but adding on a extra leg to the race makes it even heftier financial commitment. It seems I’m not the only one that can’t resist doing more than one leg though: at the crew briefing day, not once did I meet someone doing just one leg. Every conversation was about how they were doing multiple legs and how they’d added more on along the way. When we were told at the that the race was nearly full, I had to sign up for the final leg, crazy woman that I am.

Luckily, today it was confirmed that I’d secured that final place on Leg 8. The result? Relief, but probably more nerves on too! The North Atlantic is going to be pretty damn scary, but the return home will make it worth it. I’m hoping we return to London as per last year – sailing under tower bridge after months away would be a brilliant end to this adventure.

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