66 hours in LA

WordPress has failed me. After spending my flight writing a lovely post on my time in LA, it’s only gone and deleted it. Take 2:

For the start of this trip, I had 66 hours in Los Angeles to visit my friend Sam who has lived there for some years now. Same continent, so practically just around the corner from Seattle.

Unfortunately, the majority of my time in LA was spent asleep: 39 hours in fact. After arriving at 5.30pm on Monday, convinced that I could overcome this jet lag thing, I fell asleep at 9.30pm. I next woke up at 7.40pm on TUESDAY when I realised it was dark and I was horrendously late for dinner. Queue rapid getting-reading, cursing myself and generally being calamitous in a barely conscious state. Sam thought I’d been run over. But I did make it to dinner.

Dinner. Lunch. Dinner: these few days proved to be mostly an education in food – excellent considering this is possibly my favourite thing in life. 

Monday I was awake just long enough to make a VERY exciting discovery: that the PizzaHut unlimited ice cream machines of old are not dead! They live on! And in a place where you can get multiple different flavours with as many different toppings as you like. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when Sam showed me this place. Ice cream heaven.

Tuesday I was awake long enough only for one meal, but this was a delicious education in all things meat & miscellaneous for Sam’s birthday. I can now say I’ve tried bone marrow. And it was remarkably good!

Wednesday I was awake long enough for two whole meals and a trip to the Getty gallery. For lunch, we swapped poor salad in Biggleswade for posh sushi in Beverley Hills (I love that I just got to write that – sorry/not sorry Team Jordans!) followed by a couple of hours in the gallery. This is where the picture with this post was taken – I couldn’t get enough of the views from there. It was then time for Santa Monica beach, pier and seafood. $10 converted into quarters meant a lot of arcade games during this stint. 

Thursday I was awake long enough to be driven to the airport, discover that my favourite sweets are everywhere in the US (yes!) then get on a plane and fly to Seattle. After such a great time, I didn’t really want to go.  Sunshine, seafood & glamour or 3 months at sea? 

3 months at sea it is!

One thought on “66 hours in LA”

  1. What a wonderful experience Mia – Grandad & I send you all our love and will be thinking of you during the next 3 months or so. Enjoy!!! Love Grandma & Grandad XXXX


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