11 hours done

It’s all about “firsts” now, the first of the firsts being my first long haul flight. Take one energetic Mia, place in metal tube with limited wriggle room for 10-11 hours and here are the results:

1 hour in, 9.5 to go

There’s something about getting on a plane that sends me to sleep, today being no exception. I was gone before we even took off. It was easy as this plane is particularly pleasant: shiny & new, sat at the front (Hello legroom!), no small children and I’m not sandwiched in my seat. I’ve already woken up though because I am hungry. Hungry for the wafers I know are in my bag. All that pacing at the airport means I need refuelling. Wafers! Waffffffeeeeeerrrrrs! Nom nom nom…

3 hours in

I’ve been fed, watched 1 film, watched people wander around the plane, watched people get prosecco, played solitaire, played in the dark with an interactive globe that maps this flight, started watching another film. I still have over 7 hours left. 7 hours. 😳

3.5 hours in

We’re passing over Greenland but I can’t look out of the window due to a) Being in an aisle seat  b) Fancy frosted/tinted the Windows. WHY?! It’s early evening in the UK, it’s morning in the US. Sunshine people, we need sunshine!

4 hours in

People have brought duvets with them on this flight. DUVETS! I’m resorting to chair dancing instead. I’m just gonna shake shake shake…for the remaining 6.5 hours

4 hours and 5 minutes in

Just discovered that Taylor Swift is the only song I have on my iPad. Massive fail.

Time to buff-up on my Clipper notes instead. It’s only been 7 months. Oh, maybe not. It’s now really, really dark in here. It would appear we’re being forced to go to sleep.

I am going to revel in the daylight in LA after so many premature hours of darkness.

Lots of hours in, lots to go

Unusually for me, I haven’t fallen into a deep sleep yet on this flight despite the forced-darkness, just some light dozing. Time to change my tactics. I’m now convincing myself that it’s 2pm again (so LA time). All clocks have been changed and my loudest, most energetic music is being played. Cue more chair/foot dancing. This also means I’m now hungry again despite 7 hours of being a inert blob. Should have bought more wafers. 

Under 2 hours to go

Finished dancing so back to my in-flight screen to be educated about Killer Whales. Over dramatic voiceover helps reinforce my fear of the sea (or more accurately, what’s in it. My work colleagues have thoroughly traumatised me with stories). Lesson learnt today: killer whales are everywhere, so don’t fall in the sea and act like seal/narwhal/tasty-marine-snack.

43 minutes to go

Now feeling perky fuelled by mysterious cheese sandwich, daylight and finally, if I hover above my seat, a glimpse out of the windows. There’s a whole different continent down there! Should have picked a window seat, I’m definitely missing out here. I keep thinking it’ll be OK as I’ll be able to look on the way back but I keep forgetting that there is no flight back: it’s going to be a rather different perspective. I’m definitely in holiday mode. Anyway, a mere 36 minutes left now and I’m not feeling too rough yet. Boom.

28 minutes to go

The Captain has just announced that it’s 25c in LA. It was 13c when I left home. Oh yes.

Over 24 hours later
Accidentally slept through my ENTIRE first day in LA. Went to sleep at 9.30pm, woke up at 7.40pm. Oooops!

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