Show the love for Visit Seattle

I have a favour to ask, and I promise you, it’s really, really simple.

Visit Seattle is 3 weeks into Leg 6 of the Clipper race: the big Pacific challenge to Seattle. To date, they’ve been doing pretty well. Not first (let’s be realistic) but most importantly, not last! Woohoo!

That was, until, the bowsprit of the boat broke off again. For the third time in the Clipper race.


So that should be attached to the boat
“Errrr, what is a “bowsprit”?” Would be an obvious question to ask right now. And if you are asking yourself this, it’s basically the big pointy bit that sticks out from the front of the boat that allows you to sail with “Spinnakers”: the big, puffed up sails you often see on yachts. These sails are pretty crucial if you want to sail fast when the wind is behind you, so without the bowsprit from which to sail them, Visit Seattle is going to be sloooow. Not necessarily super-slow, not necessarily last, but yes, last is very probable outcome. 

Now Seattle is our home port and arriving into your home port in last place would be rubbish. So to give Visit Seattle a big boost, myself & Ali are trying to get 100 pictures of people from around the world showing their love for Visit Seattle.

We’re really chuffed that people have got on board and are showing their love for a Visit Seattle; look at this – it’s amazing! But this where I need you.

A little taste of Supporter love

This will take 2 minutes:

  • Print off the “We love Visit Seattle” poster image below
  • Write your name & where you’re from on it
  • DONE!

Thank you,

Mia x


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