25 weeks and counting

The weeks are absolutely flying by at the moment. Zip-zip-zip-Oh hello November! 

Hang on, November?!

November 2016 is exciting.

First,  it means it’s less than 6 months until I join Visit Seattle in Seattle. Given that November/December will probably zoom by in a blur of festivities, we might as well say I’m 4 months away from the race(ish). Yes! 4 months! WOOOO!

Second reason why November is exciting is that it means it’s been a whole year since I applied for the Clipper Race. I’d said to myself that I wanted to make 2015 a good year. Didn’t think it would be this good.

It all started sitting on the tube contemplating life (aka going through slight mid-twenties crisis); “Come sail the world!” says Clipper poster. Mia: “yeah! why the hell not?!”.

Before you know it, an application pack is waiting for you at home, you’re spending a significant amount of your life in Gosport and your cashflow has become a bit ropey. House deposit? You mean RACE deposit. But on a more serious note, a year ago, little did I know what an adventurous build-up it would be. 

Although I wish I was with the boat at times, turns out signing up for legs 7&8 was a great move. With a long period of time between race start & Seattle, it means following the race is just little bit more exciting. Anticipation definitely adds to it. It also means I get to spend lots of time being excited with these guys! 

Totally like Rio – yes?!
Emily, Jon & I. That is the face of a woman wondering how she can sail around the world next race (not me!)

This Clipper malarkey is all about shared experiences and it’s great to share it with  the “shore support”: later leggers, returning leggers, friends and family.

Regular meet-ups mean that we stay in touch whilst exploring the world through restaurants rather than  via yacht. We’ve eaten our way through Brazilian & African food so far. Next stop: Aussie BBQ. It’s been enlightening talking to those that have come back from the boat (aka Emily & John) and it’s definitely made me question how I’m going to handle it. Time to practice being cheery when sleep-deprived or hungry rather than defaulting to massive sense of humour failures.  

Room for improvement before the race: not giving into hanger
So, the race may still be “4” months away, but I’m definitely enjoying the countdown to get there. Back to the race viewer now…leg 3 is underway!

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